Heather’s BIO

My 15 years of legal and business experience in private practice, having provided legal representation to many individuals in the Morris County Surrogate’s Court along with my personal experiences will ensure that I maximize the benefits to the individuals served by the Surrogate’s Office are maximized.

Each and every day the media is replete with stories of seniors being scammed and it kills me when I hear about our seniors being taken advantage of. I grew up with only one parent and he was a senior by the time I was 10 years old. I saw people try over and over to take advantage of him for no reason other than his age.

As a Freeholder, most members of the community who have contacted me for assistance contacted me about their elderly parents or children with special needs. I realized that this is an area where I can make a real difference for the people of Morris County.

The senior and special needs populations are often ignored and left to fend for themselves. When relatives do try and help with benefits, housing or medical appointments, they find themselves shut out of the process. A guardian is a person who has been appointed by the court to conduct the general care and control of another person. For seniors and citizens with special needs who are becoming adults, guardianship proceedings are handled through the Surrogate’s Court. Most people do not know much about the Surrogate’s Court, the benefits that can be obtained or how to go about obtaining guardianships.

This vacancy in the Surrogate’s Office offers an opportunity for me to bring new ideas and make significant changes for the benefit of seniors and special needs citizens in Morris County.

Although I love being a Freeholder, there is a need in Morris County that I believe I am the perfect person to fill and through which I can help some of our most vulnerable citizens. The Surrogate’s Office is most often associated with Probate matters but there is more to it. As a legal practitioner representing clients in the Morris County Surrogate’s Court, including having served as a court appointed guardian, I have a strong grasp of the inner workings of the Surrogate’s Office from an attorney perspective and, sadly, I have had opportunities to visit for probate matters within my family. These experiences help me to see where and how the needs of clients and their representatives can be served.

As Surrogate, I will ensure the Morris County Surrogate’s Office has a high level of visibility and becomes a well known and accessible resource for seniors, special needs citizens and their families. I love serving the public and I realize that the Surrogate’s office is where I can benefit the people of Morris County on an individual basis.
Specifically, I wish to implement the following in the Surrogate’s Office:
-Outreach to seniors, special needs citizens and their families with regard to guardianship services.

  • -Employ varied hours or online services for ease of access.
  • -Provide information to those inheriting assets on how to identify and avoid predators who may target them.
  • -Promote awareness of Surrogate’s Office services throughout the County.

I know that I am the best choice for Surrogate as I will bring my compassion, experience and drive to the Morris County Surrogate’s Office on behalf of all of Morris County’s citizens, especially our most vulnerable residents. I have been protecting and advocating for people’s rights my entire career and I look forward to continuing at the County level.

I am a 45-year Morris County resident and have dedicated much of my time to community service. I have served on the Roxbury Zoning Board, Vice-Chair for Economic Development, Environmental and Dog Park Committees as well as been a member of Morris County Chamber of Commerce, Leadership Morris and Roxbury Chamber of Commerce. I also serve currently as Deputy Director of the Morris County Freeholder Board.

As principal of The Darling Law firm in Succasunna for over 15 years, I have represented many clients in the Surrogate’s Court as well as regularly working on wills, trusts, contracts and estates for my clients. I have volunteered my time at the Morris County Court as an Early Settlement Panelist and Special Civil Mediator as well as at the Morris County Housing Partnership assisting first-time home buyers and County College of Morris Women’s Center. I am a member of the New Jersey, New York, Pennsylvania, American and Morris County Bar Association Associations. I received my Bachelor’s degree from NYU in Finance and International Business and my law degree from Seton Hall School of Law.

My wish is to serve the citizens of Morris County as the Morris County Surrogate. I am asking for your support for my candidacy.