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What is a Surrogate?

The Surrogate is a Constitutional Officer who is elected by the citizens. The Surrogate serves as Clerk of the Superior Court, Chancery Division, Probate Part as well as Judge of the Surrogate’s Court.

The County Surrogate has the authority to qualify executors, trustees and administrators upon the death of an individual, to appoint guardians for seniors, for those declared legally incapacitated and minors. The Surrogate’s office is also responsible for overseeing the procedure the declaration of incapacitation, appointment of guardians, contested estate matters and in the granting of adoptions in the Superior Court of New Jersey. The Surrogate is the custodian of records of guardianships, adoptions, wills and estates

The Surrogate’s Court is almost certain to touch the lives of every person in the county at some time. The Surrogate serves not only the residents of Morris County, but offers services to all others with respect to matters within Morris County’s jurisdiction.

What I plan to do as Surrogate

  • Outreach to seniors, special needs citizens and their families with regard to guardianship services.
  • Employ varied hours or online services for ease of access.
  • Provide information to those inheriting assets on how to identify and avoid predators who may target them.
  • Promote awareness of Surrogate’s Office services throughout the County.

Why I am the best choice for Surrogate

I will bring my compassion, experience and drive to the Morris County Surrogate’s Office on behalf of all of Morris County’s citizens, especially our most vulnerable residents. I have been protecting and advocating for people’s rights my entire career and I look forward to continuing at the County level.

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