Heather’s Proven Record of Results –
And She’s Not Done Yet!

Smart Technology Makes for Easy Access!

Heather created and deployed the “E-probate platform,” which has modernized Morris County residents’ ability to directly engage in the probate process from home. Whether uploading a will, paying electronically, or receiving qualifying documents, Heather’s “E-probate platform” has greatly enhanced residents’ access and efficiency with the Morris Surrogates office and as a result has been adopted by Surrogates around New
Jersey. However, Heather is not done! To complete the “E-probate platform,” Heather is fighting to pass two pieces of legislation in Trenton that will amend state laws to further allow residents to complete the probate process without ever leaving home!

Increased Access & Affordability
Residents should not be denied access to the probate court due to cost.  Under Heather’s leadership, the Reduced Fee Program works to match litigants who can’t afford counsel and don’t qualify for pro-bono legal services with attorneys, enabling them to navigate the surrogate court system with counsel.

Resident Outreach and Transparency!
Morris County residents should not only know what is happening within the Morris County Surrogate’s office, but you should also know how to best use the Surrogate’s office when needed. That is why Heather developed and released the first-ever “Surrogate’s Annual Report,” providing transparency and detailing the Surrogate Court. In addition, Heather has also created and produced “60 Seconds with the Surrogate,” an online video collection designed to educate Morris County residents on how to best access and utilize the services of the Morris County Surrogate’s Court.